Spring Breaks — Day Four

This past January, Laura and I had our seven year anniversary. In those seven years, we’ve done a lot of traveling but we’ve never gone anywhere just to go. We decided this was the year we change that…

Thursday, March 17th

Before we left Texas, one of the things that we knew we wanted to do was travel to the top of Pike’s Peak. Laura’s mom and sister suggested that the train was better than driving and based on their recommendations, we decided to reserve our tickets on the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway. Thursday was the day we wanted to go but with it being completely booked, we reserved our spots for Friday morning.

The weather reports were calling for snow on Friday. We weren’t sure what the day would bring so we decided to head to the railway depot on Thursday morning to see if there were any cancellations that would allow us to take our ride a day early. When we got there, we were informed that the train would not be going to the top because of the wind so we decided to keep our Friday reservations and move on to our next stop for the day.

The other place that was a must visit was the Garden of the Gods. Since we now had an entire beautiful day ahead of us, it was the perfect time to go.

We entered the Garden of the Gods from the south and our first stop was the High Point Overlook. It offered us amazing, unobstructed views of a snow capped Pike’s Peak and Pike National Forest.

Pike’s Peak on FP-100C film taken with a Polaroid 350

The natural outcroppings made a perfect background for another “Laura looking cool in front of cool things” photo.

After a quick stop at the visitor’s center we re-entered the park the proper way and found ourselves at the main parking lot where we got out to walk around. I don’t really have much to say about what we saw. It was spectacular and probably the closest I will get to a religious experience.

Garden of the Gods on FP-100C film, taken with a Polaroid 350
Kissing Camels (right) and the Three Graces (left)
Photo by Laura with a Fuji X100T
Climber in the Garden of the Gods
Balancing Rock in the Garden of the Gods

We left the Garden of the Gods around 11 am and decided to head back into Manitou Springs (where the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway departs from) to grab some lunch.

We went to a restaurant called The Kitchen based on decent reviews and their promise of “comfort food”. They did not disappoint. While we were there a group of guys came in and were asking the waitress about bars in town. It was only then that we realized it was St. Patrick’s Day.

Since everybody around us was celebrating, we decided to celebrate… with skeeball and pinball at the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade. In less than an hour we had amassed enough tickets to get a plastic dinosaur and a cinnamon disk candy. Luckily they gave us two pieces of candy so we didn’t have to share.

Manitou Springs Penny Arcade on expired Impossible Project B&W 600 film
Laura won all but one game but I did have the high score for the day

Once we were out of quarters we went to Patsy’s Candies and got some chocolates before heading behind the building to try some water from the Navajo Spring. The natural spring was believed to have healing powers by Native Americans and early settlers. I don’t think I am qualified to talk about the healing powers of water but I will say that it was effervescent and delicious.

By this time it was late afternoon and we had to head back to Jessica’s apartment where Laura made enchiladas for dinner. We spent the remainder of the night watching the Office and worrying about the snow that was coming on day five…

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