Inside Google’s Slow-Mo Virtual Reality Moonshot
Steven Levy

Unfortunately for clay, google leadership has yet to real-ize what xR technology will do to & for their business.

Once that happens, they’ll be doing things much differently, at a much bigger scale. Once they internalize how blue links become view links, and adwords & adsense become AdViews & ViewSense, they’ll get serious.

Serious about indexing the world visually & spatially, and spending whatever it takes to develop, acquire (unity3d + an AR engine) & improve on (adding ai/ml/cv/nlu magic to everything) the technology needed to create, publish & share purposeful views of the world that blend seamlessly with the real thing.

They have the people, money & resources to make it happen, but it looks like it’s going to take Apple dropping augmented bombs on their head this fall before they can see.

It’s clear, clay’s eyes are open, but at this point, google’s best bet for “owning” the next world side web the way they did the www, is that their investment in xR magic from florida pays off, and they can leap-frog back into this game next year.

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