Trump, Clinton and Jesus

I’ll steer clear of politics most of the time and this might be my only comment on the Presidential race. But it is looking more and more like the two options for President are going to be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I can’t say I’m a fan of either but as a Christian I do have to think about how I vote. Back in 2008 I remember having many conversations (mostly on social media) with folks on why they were going to vote for John McCain. Most of the arguments revolved around him being the better Christian, or at least promoting more “Christian values”.

So it got me thinking about the 2016 election. If you do care about who is the more “Christian” of the two options, who is it?

I’m of the opinion that Jesus was mostly concerned with personal behavior and not so much about political thinking. Jesus makes very few statements about politics and seems relatively uninterested but is very interested in the personal decisions that people made. I think that is fair barometer for me to use when deciding who is more “like Jesus” of the two candidates.

The most obvious starting point is their personal life. One candidate has been married to the same person for 40+ years while the other is on their third marriage. They are both quite wealthy but one is reportedly obscenely wealthy ($6 Billion net worth), or at least wants everyone to believe that he is. One has a methodist upbringing while the other isn’t quite sure how to pronounce 1 Corinthians.

But maybe less obvious is who cares about what Jesus cares about? If Jesus did think politically it would be about social concerns. Now, I get that many think of issues such as abortion and gay rights as the “Christian” concerns. But what about the poor? What about rights of women? What about the oppressed? What about the alien? I believe the Bible says quite a bit about all of these people and it seems pretty clear that one candidate has the support of those folks while the other does not.

You can tell a lot about a leader by the people that follow them. Even if Mr. Trump did eventually correct himself and say he did not want the support of the KKK and other white supremacists, doesn’t it say something about the candidate if that is who those people are choosing to support?

Maybe you don’t care if the person leading the country has any faith. Maybe it’s really not that important for the role? Maybe Jesus would have been a terrible President? But if the faith of the candidates does matter to you then you have to look beyond political parties and hot button issues and see that Hillary Clinton represents the Jesus I read about in the Bible far more than Donald Trump does.

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