Time Management and 12022021

Today I’m threading time. (That is, I’m realizing as I write this that these things can be connected.

First, I saw Catherine Clifford’s piece on CNBC.com: “Why billionaire VC Marc Andreessen schedules every second of his day, including ‘critical’ free time.” Since the 90s, I’ve known Marc Andreessen is one of the smartest people in any room. I wondered if it would help me to schedule every day by the second, the way Marc (or his assistant) reportedly does, with healthy allowances for sleep, movies, and meditation. This weekend, I’ll try it. I already make appointments…

Rest in peace, Harry Dean Stanton. Circa 1988, I worked the ticket booth at The Bottom Line Cabaret on weekends, during the day, while I was at NYU. Stick thin, long-haired little weirdo. One rainy day, the night’s band was loading in. Suddenly, in the little yellow ticket booth, Harry Dean was next to me at the counter. No big production — it was as if he had worked at the club for years. He was singing that night — I was instantly starstruck — but he seemed to want to see the world through my eyes. Maybe he…

Two recent Charlie Rose interviews — see below: One with Leon Wieseltier, long-time New Republic editor who resigned in protest last fall, and one with Chris Hughes, the Facebook cofounder and young grandaddy of online political organizing (Obama ’08) who purchased The New Republic in 2012.

It’s fascinating to see them wrestle with topics such as:

Assuming that long-form, in-depth content must be optimized for maximum exposure — to escape obscurity in a mobile/social world — is there any way to avoid destroying its quality and influence?

Where do I stand? I say that it’s possible and necessary. But I’m…

Dave McClintock

I’m a social media guy and biz/tech writer/editor bouncing between Manhattan and Brooklyn and online.

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