Dave Minnigerode
Nov 11, 2017 · 1 min read

Running for president is a popularity contest, always has been to some extent but really is now.

60+ Million people voted for trump. Not all of them are complete fools or want to be lied to. Some large percentage just liked the guy more than they liked Clinton. Whatever they say to back it up you can tell it really just boils down to that. Same thing happed to Clinton with Obama the last time around IMHO. I’d like to imagine that in the debates Clinton would have just looked at Trump and called him a lier/grifter/cheater to his face. And owned it as telling the straight truth.

Everyone knows it… even his suppporters know it. That he never gets called on it in a major way is WHY they keep supporting him. He’s always getting away with it. Yeah he thrashes and flops all over the place on twitter, but his core message always has been: I’m the guy who will say the things you can’t and will stick it to the people you don’t like.

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