The OP’s argument is that rigid political orthodoxy obscures biological involvement in social…
Jason Belich

The guy published a rambling, unsourced, easily disproved, opinion piece that glaringly illustrated his own insecurities and privileged point of view. Which is fine (in the first admendment sense). [Not fine from an employer POV if he actually read his employment agreement and the section on hostile workplace environment]

Now he’s getting blowback from everyone telling him how wrong he is. Which is also fine (again from a first admendment sense). [Employer will likely fire his ass for using company resources to create a hostile workplace environment, which is well within their rights]

What’s not fine is for him to then start complaining that people are being mean to him. No one is beating him up, spraying him with a firehose or letting attack dogs lose on him. There’s a whole lot of people that need to educate themselves as to what REAL oppression looks like.