Hey Motel 6! You don’t have to leave the light on for me anymore.

It’s rare that the actual experience at a Hotel, Motel, or any business establishment is not the reason you decide to no longer do business with them.

So, I want to preface this Open letter to Motel 6 first with the following fact.

Motel 6 is not a 5 star hotel where the rooms are made out of gold. It is a budget establishment that in the past has always been my go to place when my traveling required an inexpensive place to stay.

I am not expecting the latest TV with the best HD content available or even free Wifi.

But, what I always get is friendly employees, a clean room, and comfortable bed within a budget.

Check out their remodel “Studio” rooms they are really good in my opinion.

My terrible experience comes from after falling and breaking my thumb while taking a shower in my Motel 6 room.

At first I didn’t hold Motel 6 accountable for my own miss fortune but that slowly began to change as they started to communicate with me.

I went to the ER and they ensured it was broken and in fact I needed surgery because it was such a nasty brake.

This happen the last few days of my 12 day stay and the front desk receptionist were the ones that initiated and requested that I file an incident report.

Again, I want to stress the fact that I had no intention on holding anyone other then my self accountable for my own actions.

Motel 6 required copies of my initial doctor visits and wanted to know that type of surgery I had.

So, I provided them the details in good faith and even suggested that the floors did seem more slippery compare to other Motels or Hotels that I stay at.

After the fact I did notice a shower mat in the bathroom but it was off to the side under neath the sink. I never noticed it before so I can’t be sure if it was there or placed there after the room was cleaned after I reported the incident. I suggested that possibly having a note in the sink informing the guest of the shower mat and informing them of that the tub is slippery could have prevent my situation.

Motel 6 was the first person to mentioned any type of compensation and I even reminded them that my initial incident report was at the request of their employees and not because I was seeking any compensation.

But, the tone and wording used drove me to change my view quickly.

The person stated that Motel 6 has a lot of money and that’s why they are self insured. So, I can’t file a claim with their insurance company because they process all their claims and have the power to simply denied them.

I was offered 20 dollars for my initial doctor visit and 49.99 towards one of the nights.

They stated that they have looked over the last 3 years and they only have 1 slip and fall a year to bring them us to the total of 3. To them this some how a good record.

That’s that statement that really irritated me. I wasn’t the first slip and fall at this particular property and I am probably not going to be the last.

Have they not learned from the other people who fell?

Was the idea of informing the guest of the slippery tubs already considered and simply ignore?

I suggested if they can simply refund my 12 night stay without any acceptance of fault and call it a day so we can move on from this matter.

I was told that any compensation over 200 dollars would be in fact over compensation and if I do not accept the 200 dollars they will just denied and close my claim. Now, I am not sure how accurate that is so I sat with an attorney and he stated that I have 2 years to file any claims in court. From a legal and personal injury stand point this is not a case big enough for an attorney to take and maybe that is what Motel 6 counts on.

But, personally Motel 6 let me down because they took someone who has had a great experience at their properties, Never initiated any type compensation, nor hold them accountable for my slip and fall, and was made to feel that a thumb broken into different pieces that required surgery had a specific value and was not worth that much to them.

Motel 6 could have been the hero and simply comp my stay.

But, instead they felt the need to tell me how only 3 other people have fallen in the last 3 years and somehow that my incident is not a big issue.

I see it more like they have failed to prevent people from falling in their showers and are okay with only having to deal with 1 unlucky person falling and hurting them selves every year.

I also like the fact that they feel that 200 dollars is the max they are willing to offer me for a broken thumb


Or that paying more then 200 dollars would some how give me so much extra money after surgery that I would be able to pay the surgery in full and have enough money left over to decorate the metal pins sticking out from my thumb holding the different broken bones in place while they fuse together.

Graphic Image — http://imgur.com/lYeuiQs

Even after all the out of pocket cost I have to deal with.

I am not seeking anything other them an apology for making me feel that I fell down just to make money of them, for insulting me that any compensation over 200 is over compensation for the pain and suffering I went through, acknowledging that 1 person falling and getting hurt a year is not acceptable, and they agree to put a note in the sink informing their guest of slippery tub floors and to please use the Shower mat and where that shower mat is located.

At this point that’s all I want until I can even consider staying, referring, and listing Motel 6 for motels and hotels to use at events I help put together.