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I thoroughly enjoy the show but I could not stand “I love you, New York”. It wasn’t daring, it was self-indulgent. It took you so far out of the main story line or lines, that you were just sitting there thinking “what’s the point?”. The silence during the deaf woman’s segment was just a gag or a stunt, like the black and white filming of the first episode. I understand the slice of life moment of the under represented, which I really respect. But when you only do that in one episode in a non-anthology series, it just feels like a gag, or worse, pointless. If you don’t live in New York or a major city, how much can you relate or care. I have from the NY metro area and even I am a little tired of the look at how special NY is treatment. If I was from the Mid-West, I would have rolled my eyes through the whole episode Anderson Cooper style.

Also, I like Aziz, I think he is talented and funny and deserves all the success and accolades he has coming, but he is no romantic lead. He is a good actor, but lacks the sheer charisma or danger of a romantic lead. It just feels like watching your friend’s nerdy brother trying to date. But, hey, it’s just one person’s opinion, what the hell do I know.

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