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What victim? it was an altercation between adults that was initiate by a woman. Now being obviously physically superior, he should have had a more measured response. He got shoved, just shove her back and leave, or something of that nature. Yes, he reacted way too harsh in the heat of the moment. That doesn’t change the fact that she had no right to put her hands on him in the first place. She doesn’t do that, nothing happens. There is no victim blaming or shaming, because there was no victim. She should take responsibility for her part in her situation.

As far as having wives and daughters, my wife is too smart and mature to go shoving and slapping men way bigger than her. Sure, she wasn’t thinking in the moment or expected such a brutal response, I get it. But the second you resort to violence, you should expect violence in kind.

I’m sure I will be accused of man-splaining. I can live with that. I have to explain a lot to my daughters, such as not getting drunk and picking fights with anyone, especially with people they don’t know who are bigger with than they are.

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