yes, i do.

Yes he broke her face, not ok, understood. But again, a fact no one denies, SHE HIT HIM FIRST. Whatever words were exchanged didn’t need to lead to violence. You are acting like he stalked her and sucker punched her. No, she initiated the violence. Two immature people who didn’t have enough sense to say “this isn’t worth it.” Both of them. You want to talk laws, fine. She had the legal recourse to tell him “You are harassing me and my friends and I am calling 911 right now.” Whatever was said is just another he said/she said, whichever side you choose to believe. But they both had a hand in what happened that night. They both should have walked away. She had no right to lay hands on him first, and he had no right to respond in such an extreme manner. He knew he wasn’t hitting a man his own size, he wasn’t fighting for his life. But if she started the violence, she should have expected some in return. Now she is traumatized and he is a marked man and this will follow the both of them for the rest of their lives regardless of what they accomplish. Just sad.

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