Travel…a long way home

Travel for the person should include days of wonder.The days of lugging a rucksack with its 17kgs while suffering from a hangover should be for you if you are young rather than someone that bit older.Honestly I dont have a hangover.I cant cope with those anymore.But I like my rucksack

Trains with wifi.The best travel connections and companions.The great way to explore really nowhere fast but your phone or laptop now become youe best friends.Have I even looked out the window ? Barely.I have been looking at a screen while listening to the gentle buzz of people talking in quiet tones.Its strangly comforting.Silence can sometimes make you deaf to everything else.Voices are life.The sadness of life in our era is the idea that we will always need to be mobile while we attempt to find our work and life balance.The wind swept train station will always be grey and cold even on a summers day.It never changes.But I would prefer the train station rather than a long journey in a car with the unwanted and hard discussions of life.May then the silence become stubborn and hard.

The next 24 hrs will be trains,taxis and planes.Its a long way home.The long haul flights where you end up maybe not making conversation with fellow passengers and struggling to watch a movie while the turbalance makes you grimace and wishing you were really somewhere else.Its a transient moment but you still grip the seats and think of things you might never do and make plans to be that ideal person.Anything will do.

Oh travel…Its an adventure.Its resembles an author of a book without the story ending.The chapters and pages always bring up a surprise.Today,the fields are green,the clouds are becoming a bit more grey but it still feels a long way home.I have left another home.Travel brings out the nomad in us.We keep moving.Life can be fragile but looking out the windows of a train keeps us sane.We keep moving…