The World’s Top Institutions for Business and Economics Students

Davenport Laroche — The World’s Top Institutions for Business and Economics Students

The business and economics fields are two of the most competitive fields in the World. However, they remain two of the most popular career choices for students pursuing higher education. With that being said, here is a look at the World’s best schools for students looking to pursue a career in business or economics.

Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest higher education institution in The United States. The Harvard School of Business has its own distinguished history. Harvard has the oldest MBA program in the World. There have been research centers established around the World, including in Asia and Europe.

University Of Pennsylvania

The University Of Pennsylvania is known for its semester based academic calendar and diverse student body. Penn’s Wharton School Of Business is the World’s oldest collegiate business school. The Wharton School Of Business has multiple academic departments and research centers.

The University Of Oxford

Located in The United Kingdom, The University of Oxford’s academic calendar is divided into three terms; Hilary, Trinity, and Michaelmas. The Said Business School offers MSc, MBA, and Executive MBA programs.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology has a unique academic calendar featuring a 4–1–4 system. The MIT Sloan School Of Management has multiple laboratories with the majority of projects emphasizing entrepreneurship. There are over 10 academic programs taught by different business executives.

University Of California-Berkeley

The University Of California-Berkeley is known for its innovative research initiatives and academic training. The Haas School Of Business offers six degree programs. Students come from all over the World to study in one of three institutes; Business Innovation, Energy, or Business and Social Impact.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University has campuses in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois, as well as Doha, Qatar. The Kellogg School Of Management offers several different programs for students; including a full time MBA, Executive MBA, and a Doctoral Program. The Kellogg School also offers over 30 exchange programs throughout the World.

Stanford University

The Stanford University School of Business offers multiple global certificate programs, along with their MBA, MSx, and PhD programs.

London School Of Economics

The London School Of Economics is known for its diversity, as there are students attending from over 100 different countries throughout the World. There are multiple undergraduate and graduate programs emphasizing the areas of Finance, Management, and Economics.

University Of Cambridge

The University Of Cambridge traces its origins back to the year 1209. The Judge Business School offers MBA, Master Of Finance, and Professional Practice programs. Students can also attend the Digital Business Academy.

University Of Chicago

The University Of Chicago was founded in 1890. The University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business focuses on challenging students through the use of analytics.

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