My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

Nice article, but don’t think you are uncovering any huge breakthrough. Your story is a generic one that anyone who isn’t living under a rock could understand, just walk onto any college campus. Most people your age don’t consider drinking as “a glass of wine” with dinner. They just want to get drunk and party, typical college stuff that has been happening for decades. This shouldn’t shock anyone with half a brain. And, having to be 21 to legally drink has never once forced anyone under 21 to drink more or get drunk, they do it because it is fun and it’s (whether liked or not) at the core of most people’s social lives in college. Pre-gaming and getting drunk before going out continues way after 21 for two reasons: it is fun and also for people that live in big cities, drinks are incredibly expensive. Shotgunning? Drive up to any sports tailgate. Changing the law from 21 to 18 won’t alleviate any of this.