How to build an AI that will wipe out the human race!

The days that one programmer or a few programmers in a startup can build a meaningful software are fast coming to an end.

In the near future, software programs will be developed by large corporations with large number of programmers like Facebook, Google etc.

Just like a century ago, before Henry ford perfected commercial car production, individuals could build cars in their garage. Now its not only impossible, no car built by one man or a small team of engineers can be commercially usable.

A long, automated and expensive production line is needed.

About half a century ago, Steve Jobs and Wozniac built computers from their garage and sold them, now even a small team of people cant build a computer.

I believe that age is fast coming for software developers where the world will have only about half a dozen software development companies that own software platforms being used by the rest of the world because… automated and expensive production line.

But before then, I think we will first get to the micro-service age. An age where everything is a micro service. Programmers never really write codes from ground up, they just call APIs and a new app is done.

That age is already upon us. Modern software development now basically follows the dependency injection principle. If building a new software basically involves calling APIs, how hard will it be for a soulless machine to build a new software? Easy.

The release of programming platform versions is fast approaching singularity, nowadays every 5 months, a whole new version of each framework appears.

It used to be 2–3 years.

This year alone 2 ionic versions will be out, 2 Laravel versions, 2 Angular Versions etc

Browsers have not adopted ES6, so Typescript has to transpile. While that is on, ES7 is already out. So? TypeTypescript TransTranspile? :D

Just before you finish learning one, another whole new version is out. Currently, everyday in the life of a programmer involves some serious learning-up to do, nights too. It will come to a point that these things will be coming out monthly, then weekly, then daily.

Only machines can learn that fast when that push comes to shove.

I believe that the age of machines is inevitable. But will machines take over the world and subdue humans? Well, that’s a likelihood but I don’t think that will happen until :

1. We invent unlimited storage

2. We invent a video/geolocation/audio device that humans will put on while moving around daily. So far, we have an audio/geolocation device (your phone). The one that uses a permanently on video will soon be invented, its likely going to be like an eyeglass, a headphone or a head gear.

All these devices will be feeding information to this central mind that lives in that unlimited storage. The collection of information there will be larger than the collective human intelligence. Therefore, that machine can be smarter than all of humanity put together.

The reason is that an intelligence that will outsmart humans needs to be all-seeing, all-hearing and all-present in real-time. If you isolate a single human being in an Island, he’ll become as dumb as any other animal there and will automatically return to stone age. We have seen this happen to soldiers that were marooned during world war too, when you see them they are basically transformed to cave men with spears and basic crude survival tools. And they have no knowledge or capacity to manufacture laptops, radios, mine natural resources , build planes etc

Humans are powerful because of our ability to pool information together from our individual knowledge into books, internet, hard drives etc and the quantity and quality of communication we can transfer in real-time through spoken language, written language, gestures, art, pictures and the internet.

Other animals simply lack this versatility.

The monster that will outsmart humans needs to beat this incredible power of ours, or be the ‘power’ itself, in this case an AI.

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