Mayweather’s toughest fight.

Sometimes you got to do it for your daughter/son, your family, your country!

Some people in your life are not your mentors, not your teachers, not your funders, not your training partners, they probably don’t know jack about the technicalities of the battles you are facing.
They just know how to cheer you up and that’s all they come around to do. They cry when you loose, they are happy when you win. But in all cases, they are right there by your side, providing that emotional support needed to win your battles and come through tough failures.

Its amazing sometimes how the roles of these people are under estimated. For some, its their dad, for some its their mum, wife, sister, brother, friend.
Many are very lucky and can keep finding the strength to face life because they have at least one person they can always call and get a full dose of inspiration from.