My tiny little dot story, very tiny.

I am a group of dots bound together into one big dot, surrounded by other closely bound group of dots. I was born, the moment someone died.
Before then, there has never been me, after I’m gone, there will never be me.
I am a traveler. I remember everything that happened on the day I was born.
Not from my own memory, but from watching other travelers get born. 
I am a story currently being told by me. A group called the name of one person.

I am a short period in history which is present, a breath in the life of ages. 
Some of us are dots in a story, some of us are dots telling stories and some of us are stories being told by dots.
I was born, the moment someone died. By the time the ages exhale, I’ll be gone. That moment, someone will be born.
 I am a star traveler, just like you my good friend. A tiny dot, a very tiny group of dots.

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