The legend of the throat-clearing preacher — how many preachers started


Every now and then, a young seeker stumbles upon the truth and gets awakened. Lots of original wise sayings and wisdom quotes are some of the signs that follow an awakened soul.

It is as though they now see the world from a higher perspective such that they can explain even the most complex phenomenon with simple words.

The seeker tries to bear it all alone, but as they get awakened more and more by the day, the words build up inside them. It comes to a point where the seeker has to go out into the city and share it with others or explode from the inside.

You know one thing with truth? It is so powerful that when its spoken out, it becomes indisputable. Even the persons debating against it know somewhere deep down inside them that they are up against the truth and there is no victory in it.

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Soon the people start gathering around the young new seeker. The seeker knows a lot, every word they speak is infallible. He has a credible answer to every question they ask because he has obviously transcended their level.

But then he is still a seeker of truth. Every day when everyone else is gone, he goes deep down within himself to unravel more mysteries and realize more truth.

The new answer he seeks is not with the people. There is no need to let them know that he too is still seeking and does not have all the answers to all of his own questions.

As the days go by, every new day the people come to him, they realise that the seeker has become wiser that he was the day before, this marvels them.
More and more people gradually flock around him, and he constantly finds himself needing to talk to them every day. 
He soon realizes that his newfound hobby has become a burden to him. The people won’t let him be and he can no longer focus on his daily profession.

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He needs to send the people away in other to have his good old life back.
He decides that the solution would be to give them the key to realize the truth for themselves. “The truth is available to everyone, just look into yourselves.” He says to them.

“Finally,” he thinks to himself “that will make them leave me alone”.

The people don’t really want to be awakened?!

But he soon realizes an ugly truth - the people won’t let go of him. They don’t really want to be awakened, they want to be entertained. They like his grammatical prowess, his hand gestures, his play on words, stories, theatrics, music, dance, performance, his parables and the the super hero status he occupies in their minds.

They do not intend to have the entertainment interrupted. They have become addicted to his theatrics.

“Maybe I’ll ask them to go meet with another seeker in the other town
That way, they’ll let me be”. He says to himself.

But the people won’t listen. They sleep in front of his house at night and follow him around during the day asking questions and doing whatever he tells them.

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Maybe he can start charging for his time

The seeker soon comes to terms with another revelation, “If they insist on taking my time, I should insist on charging for it”.

Next day, he opens his door to behold a multitude waiting for him. Many arrived there that morning, others slept overnight.

“Ladies and gentlemen” he addresses them, “(clears throat) we need money to build a house of gathering for you people, and I need money too, since this is affecting my job. It is the right thing to do.”

To his surprise, everyone submits all the money they have to him. He has several baskets full of uncountable money, people volunteer to help him pack and keep it safe.
He waits till night fall, but no one asks him to give account of all the money he collected!

“This is good business,” he says to himself “I should quit my job” straight away.

Next day he shows up to meet a larger multitude waiting for him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, (clears throat) we need money to build a house of gathering for you people”

He gets several baskets full of uncountable money again.

Next day “Ladies and gentlemen, (clears throat) we need money”, he gets several baskets full of money.
The day after “(clears throat), We need money”. He gets several more baskets full of money.


The day after “(clears throat)”, lots of money everywhere!

“(clears throat)” Money everywhere!

One day, he thinks to himself 
“I have packed a lot of money to myself, I have built them a house of gathering. But I still get more and more money every time I clear my throat.
What do I do with all the extra money flowing in every day? Maybe I should buy me a private jet so I can go clear my throat in other cities? Maybe I should build me a University? Own me a private jet, write me a book? Own me a TV broadcasting channel? What next should I do with all this money? 
Should I stop collecting money from them every morning for some time? No, I have tried it before, it didn’t work. It has become a tradition to them, they like it, why should I stop?”

This, my friends, is the legend of the throat-clearing preacher and his private jet.

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