You want a bite or the whole pie?

Angry birds perching on my phone, its like time has paused. Come take me back to the stairway, where you found me, where you found me before. You know you have to stand there, while the engine lifts you up. Two whispers in the evening, then 2 soft drinks and a movie. Its only an hour or two, but it feels like eternity, because time has paused.

Johnny Depp talking on my screen now. Suspense in the movie may make me restless, but seeing it together may feel like a song. Its like a sweet sweet miracle.

Sleeping in your 20s waking in your 30s, in other words, you lost a whole decade. You want a bite or you want the whole pie?

School teaching is diverse but you learn individuality because that’s the little that gives grades.

I learnt HTML from a flash drive. You learn to code you will never loose. Its like yoga on an ATM tool. It’ll free your mind and your bank account too. You want to win? Make a better deal. My left on my android, my right hand smooching Macbook. Just got a call from an old hommie, new Porsche he wants me to see.

I started with a floppy disk, then I bought a flash drive. Several months before I got a desktop, that thing caught fire before my eyes. Months again, I got a laptop, Reimo was there to testify.

Some will never ever understand, what it feels like to start from the bottom. I still can’t watch movies with my laptop, I feel that sweet heart is too precious. We started Braintemple from the swampy ground. Louvers all broken, robbers shooting outside. Expensive equipment we got inside. M Slick used to ask me, you going hard or you going home? AB imported a new Dell just to intimidate the whole city.

Ghana is how you let her go. The nest is Accra, taking selfies. It is fun how you go global, when you started from the bottom line.