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Exposed Brick

How to Raise $10 Million for Your Tech Startup

We have an idea. We can build it for $100,000. So we need $100,000.

Crossing the Streams

Connecting the Dress and Spock and Everything

When it comes to yesterday’s world-shattering dress meme, a lot of credit has been given to Buzzfeed. And…

Verizon Call Center Woman: Hmm… Pell… I recognize your name from college.

Me: Oh yeah. Pell Grants. That’s a different Pell.

Woman: Too Bad.

Me: Not Really. He’s dead.

Woman: Well so is my grandmother.

Me: …

The Most Fascinating News of 2014

I went through all of the NextDraft number 1 stories of year and picked out the ones that were especially fascinating, touched on topics that will be at…

I Will Not Post This

The Coming Age of Self Censorship

A year ago, Justine Sacco sent out a tweet and then boarded a plane. By the time she landed, her career was…

Hitchens Stood

For several years I’ve been a member of a San Francisco group called the Luncheon society. Every month or so, the organizer invites some notable person — an author, a scientist…

Band Names for Aging Rockers

Titanium Hipsters

Counting Crows Feet



NextDraft: The Day’s Most Fascinating News

An Internet Journalist Shares 11 Breakthrough Moments

Fool-proof new media strategies.

An Internet Journalist Shares Eleven Breakthrough Moments

Announcing the Launch of Next Generation Newsletters

Media Defined, A Third Time

Announcing the Launch of The Next Generation of Internet Newsletters

My Kids Refused to Go Viral

And it ruined my Internet career

A few years ago (before he took control of his personal brand), my three year-old son, decked out in his…