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The Internet is Rigged

This isn’t the Internet we signed up for…

It was the inherent beauty of the web. I had access to the same tools and the same publish button as any…

My Mom Has a Question

My parents and I just got back from the Holocaust Museum in DC. We didn’t get past the entryway where they both wanted to see the plaque they had mounted in honor of…

My Mad Men Thinkpiece

That was one hell of an achievement and I feel lucky to have watched it. Great and monumental story.

The NYT Changes Its Relationship Status to Married

I don’t think the decision by the New York Times and other news organizations to allow/beg Facebook to host their news items as…

A One Year Old’s View of Social Media

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The Rising

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat…

Here in the Bay Area, I’ve watched (and benefited from) rising tech fortunes that have resulted in rising salaries and rising rents…

Things I Need to Come Up With a Better Way to Say to My Kids.

Instead of reading to you at bedtime, I’m going to tweet using only words appropriate for your grade level. So follow me.

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    Control Balt Delete

    Five Thoughts About Baltimore Organized Into a List Because the Last Thing Anyone Needs is Another Think Piece About Baltimore.

    I Walked the Brooklyn Bridge Without Facebook

    Next month my nephew graduates from college and last week my son and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. And my concerns about the issues

    Product is Bigger Than Any Celebrity

    And other lessons from Jay Z’s new musical venture.

    Jay Z and a bunch of his big time friends in the music business held a press…



    Let’s Give Them Something to Tweet About