Even This Guy Wasn’t As Big as Bloggers … yet.

When Bloggers Ruled the World

Back in 2004, I was one of about thirty people to become the first bloggers ever to get a press pass to a major party’s convention.

Until 2016, modern conventions were predictable, brutally boring, and devoid of any news. They were infomercials for a product you didn’t want. So when we bloggers arrived in Boston, we quickly found out that — because we represented something … anything … different from the norm — we were the story. We were followed around by mainstream media, and at any given moment, at least a few of us were giving interviews on radio or TV.

CNN interviewed me live for five live minutes (back when I still looked as young as my logo) because I was a blogger. And our topic of discussion: Bloggers being at the convention.

I Once Looked As Young as My Logo

During the first morning of the convention, all of us were invited to a very small gathering called the Blogger’s Breakfast (which is weird, because bloggers don’t eat breakfast, and they definitely aren’t fans of physical world gatherings).

Our guest speaker that morning, as it turned out, was pretty decent.

Whatever became of this dude?

A couple nights later, he gave a keynote that would dramatically change his political trajectory and his country’s history. I, however, peaked at that breakfast. Consider that I just posted an interview I did on CNN twelve years ago. Before Trump, that would have been considered pretty narcissistic.

Looking back, it was a great honor to be in the room for Obama’s breakthrough moment. Maybe someone with a 2016 press pass feels the same way about the speech Michelle Obama delivered. But that’s now. And I prefer to relive the glory days when bloggers ruled the world (and still blogged).

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