The funny thing about starting a business

There is a lot of work that goes into starting your own business. Planning… tons of planning! Gotta figure out what your business is going to do. Gotta pick a name that you’re going to love timelessly and a location. What you’re going to register it as, S corp’s, C corp’s, LLC’s. Plan out how you are going to fund everything if need be. Then after the planning comes the time to take initiative and put your most beginning phases into action. All along the way, you run into bumps that require you to do something you hadn’t thought of before you can move onto step number next. Register your biz, wait for confirmation, register for tax ID number, wait for confirmation because you cant set up a bank account without that. But who thinks of a tax ID number when planning this out, at least the first couple times. When your done, how do you get the word out there for people/ businesses to holler at you when they need what you provide? It’s a lot of work. Luckily The Small Business Administration has it very well outlined for you at

But that’s not the funny thing about starting a business. The funny thing about starting a business is the most simple part of starting a business. has a list of statistics of business startups that looks like this:

  1. 50% of all new businesses fail within the first five years
  2. You’re more likely to succeed if you have failed before than if you’ve never tried
  3. 95% of entrepreneurs have at least a bachelors degree
  4. Scaling too fast, too soon is the number one reason most new companies fail
  5. Two founders, rather than one, significantly increases your odds of success

Of course, they go substantially deeper into each topic, but those numbers aren’t the funny part either. They are sad. They are intimidating. They’re down right scary to most people.

In fact, that’s the funny part about starting a business. Not the failure rate, but the fact that most people let that stop them from taking their planning phase to the acting phase. As soon as you start a business or even start planning for your future business, you’ll find that everyone you know and meet wants to tell you about their business idea. Why do they tell you as soon as they see you doing it? Well, it’s often not because they need your expert advice on business or because they want you to jump on board with them. It’s because you are doing what they want to be doing. They are admiring, or jealous of, what you are doing. The willpower, the passion, the dedication and the results that you are getting are exactly what they want. But until they decide to be Brave and overcome these fears and self-doubt, they’ll never have those things. They are afraid to risk the doldrum drone life that pays their bills and keeps them afloat, whether they hate it or not. It’s safe and that’s where they’ll stay. Which is fine. This isn’t about slamming people that don’t act on these ideas or calling them cowards. This life wasn’t made for everybody.

This is about the funny thing about starting a business. Which is that people let fear of failure completely halt their drive to be their own boss. I like to compare it to the first time people shoot a pistol. Someone will instruct you how to load the magazine, pop it into handle, chamber a round, and aim at your target effectively. These actions most often go down effortlessly and without hesitation. The only thing left to do is pull the trigger. This is where most people hesitate, even if only for a second… five seconds… ten seconds… a whole minute? They hesitate as they have never felt recoil before and are afraid how it will impact them; wondering if they are properly prepared for it. Standing there with their finger wrapped around a trigger, they hesitate. When they finally release the stress that they have themselves pent up while hesitating and thinking about it the trigger gets pulled and that person is fully overtaken by the power of their actions. At this point you realize that your fears were for nothing and you can enjoy the recoil that once held you back.

The prep of the gun and ammo is comparable to the planning that you do when you first get the itch. It’s as far as most people that have these ideas will go as they feel the chances of success are too slim to even put effort into. When you point the barrel down the range and line up your sites is when your planning is ready to be put into action and you have a path or map laid out. The hesitation to pull the trigger is where most “entrepreneurs” sit. They have everything sorted out and are physically as ready as they will ever be. Their hand is on the trigger aimed at the target! Most people will hesitate not a few seconds or months or years, but their whole lives! They will figuratively stand there with their gun pointed down the range cocked and ready to rock because they are afraid of the recoil!

There are so many brilliant, talented people out there with all the tools and ability to kill it with their own business that it’s troubling.

When I first decided to start my own business I called it Brave for that exact reason. The more would-be entrepreneurs I was approached by I realized more and more how far a little boost could profit them. So I put together Brave Design Co. A clothing line that, as it gathers momentum and recognition, is geared to inspire people to “pull the trigger” when they are doubting their capabilities and promote greatness in people.