The Impostor in the Room

I have written before about the fact people have used the words “guru” or “expert” when describing my position in the world of Gamification. This has never sat comfortably with me, but not for any self abashed modesty, more because I feel a bit of an imposter.

This is a well known phenomenon, Imposter Syndrome. This is where a person who is held in high regard doesnt feel they deserve to be there.

I find it hard to understand why people feel this way about me. I get emails from people who are fans of my work. I have had series taken at conferences and even signed books and cards.

On a logical level I understand. People like my style of writing, my theories and the way I present concepts in a simple way. Again, these are things people have said to me, this is not hubris.

For me it is just strange. There are people out there who are more clever, have good theories, present them well and more.

If you ever pay me a compliment and I look akward, embarrassed or turn it back with some self deprecating humour – don’t be offended! I hugely appreciate it and love you for it, I just don’t know how to accept it!