I love playing a First Person Shooter MMO called Destiny, so many aspects of this game from gameplay to music inspire me. But as a designer and developer one area that strikes me as particularly lovely is the User Interface.

From its beautiful starmaps to its intuitive gear selection menu, there has been a lot of brilliant work so that us, as players can navigate the world of Destiny easily. I am not simply talking about exploring the vast Galaxy, but how we navigate menus and use them to our advantage.

The game teases great complexity with the stats of every piece of gear and making decisions on what is valuable and what is not in a streamlined user interface. My Question is however; IS there room for improvement? …

The year 2015 has been rough for me when it comes to celebrities I love dying. Whilst it has been a very happy year for me in general, I mourned the death of Leonard Nimoy, not just becasue he was my favourite Vulcan but because of how much of a wonderful person he was. And recently Christopher Lee was another favourite to see pass on. Both of these men left behind legacies so beautiful and substantial. Who could complain leaving this world on such a high note? A few days ago, I was left thinking of another person and the legacy they are leaving behind. …


David Easton

Newcastle University Graduate. Digital artist. Web developer and designer, Story writer. Positive Person.

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