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Wow, this fruit cake takes the cake. He said that he would take care of it at the end of the year. You idiots complain when he does tend to national affairs, then complain because he takes the time to take care of matters such as this. Wow, what a big bunch of cry babies. I really wish I could meet some of you idiots in person just so I could see your little liberal snowflakes melting. It makes my day to come onto these idiotic liberal sites and watch the handwringing and head exploding from those of you on the far left. I LOVE IT! The best part of it is I get 8 years of this. The biggest massive group head exploding will come in 2018 when the republicans win just one more state (Yeah that 2/3 majority is that close) and then we can begin to change the constitution. When that happens nearly every liberal’s head is going to explode.