Forced to vacant the house if we can’t pay mortgage debit

Just like many other Asian parents, my parents save as much money as they can from their jobs and invest all of them in their kid’s education. We are a middle class family. My father works as a sales manager in a local health product company that sells fitness equipment in China. My mom is a secretary. Both of them work from early morning till late night after midnight and I can see their stress on the face. My mom decided to send my brother and I to private US high schools and colleges for education because she thought America will give us a better future by providing a better education with better learning environment. My parents used all their hard earn money together with mortgage debt to help immigrate to USA and pay all of our private school tuition and other miscellaneous expenses. At that time I was 8 years old and my brother was 5. My parents had the mortgage debt since 2011 and they’re paying it every month, until 2015 when they could no longer afford to pay the debt. Because of that I am working for two full time jobs, trying to make some money and pay their mortgage debt. I am both a software engineer and a private tutor for math. But sadly, even my job salary from two jobs are not enough to cover the debt now. We need $30K to cover the debt. If the debt is not fully paid soon then my family has to leave the house with house being sold.

We need your generous help and your greatest heart. This can be that you’re sharing this post with your social network, donating, or other specific advice. Thanks.(P.S. I certify that everything I said here is true and can provide verification if needed. If you want to request additional info, simply call or text me at 1-510–480–7860. If I did not answer the call, please leave a voicemail and I will return it ASAP. Also we can’t borrow money from the bank anymore due to the debt.)