A Victory Map for Gary Johnson Supporters
Dave Scheirer

A comment from Dylan who did’t want to share his email address:

I love that you are doing this. I don’t know if this is what you’re asking for, but I point out to Clinton supporters that Johnson has liberal social stances — that he was in favor of gay marriage long before Clinton, he wants to legalize marijuana so it can be regulated, he believe in a woman’s right to choose, he is rated #1 in presidential politics by the ACLU… I also point out that if they are worried about corporate greed/special interests then Johnson is their guy. He is adamant about ending crony capitalism whereas Hillary will simply sell the government to the highest bidder. I also point out that he wants to protect the environment and is a huge proponent of the EPA. These last two points are important because the Hillary machine has tried to twist his stances on these issues. He actually offers what her voters desire (while she doesn’t), but they are often misinformed believing the opposite. For Trump supporter you’ve got a guy that was a 2-term Republican governor who was highly rated by the conservative CATO Institute. He believes strongly in upholding the 2nd amendment, he polls #1 with military (tied with Trump in one case), he wants to balance budget and is not afraid to use his Veto power to accomplish that given his nickname of “Governor Veto.” He was an extremely successful businessman building his company from nothing into a $30 M company. The common sense solution to ISIS is to stop sticking our nose where it don’t belong and focus on building an impenetrable defense where if we are attacked we are ready to attack back hard. He is an upstanding individual with a reputation for honesty, and while he doesn’t regularly attend church, makes for a very good Christian. He believes global warming exists, but even if man is making it worse he’s not sure the government can efficiently control that.

One of my favorite points of late is that unless you are in a state that is split 50/50 between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, your vote for either one of them will not help keep the other from winning AT ALL. Case in point for me: I am in California and we all know CA is going to Hillary. Therefore votes for Trump are wasted here because they will get thrown in the trash. Votes for Clinton, in excess of that needed for her to win, will also get thrown in the trash. The only way not to waste your vote then, is to vote for Gary so that at least your voice can be heard. A voice saying you are not happy where both parties have taken us over the last several decades, and the bickering that has gotten worse. It will also give his party a chance at federal funding next election which, at the very least, would force both major parties to come back closer to center next election so we are not so divided. That would be a great thing for our country.