No, my vote for Gary Johnson isn’t wasted
Jacki Souza

I first voted Libertarian in 1992 as a protest vote so I’ve heard the “wasted your vote” to my face for two decades. I’m an independent; in the last three Presidential elections I voted Republican in 2004, Democrat in 2008, and Libertarian in 2012.

Regarding “wasting your vote”… This isn’t a horse race where the only personal outcome by betting is winning or losing money. The winning horse can’t launch nuclear weapons, issue Executive Orders, or appoint Supreme Court Justices. Given the stakes, everyone should vote for a candidate who aligns with their values and political views regarding an America for their children and grandchildren.

The latest Quinnipiac poll (Sep 14) shows that only 32% of Clinton voters like her and only 23% of Trump voters like him. That means the majority of voters for both Trump and Clinton are voting the lesser of two evils. Voting in that manner is a wasted opportunity if there’s a third party candidate who would lead America to a better place.

Regarding “no chance of winning”… Most of the polls aren’t doing a great job of reporting the real level of support for Gary Johnson. Given the historic unfavorable ratings for Clinton and Trump, a Johnson victory in 2016 isn’t a fairy tale.

If every Johnson supporter can convince 1.8 people on average to vote for Gary by Nov 8, Johnson wins with 286 electoral votes. If every Johnson supporter can convince 1 person on average to switch, no candidate wins a majority in the electoral college and Johnson goes into a 12 Amendment selection with 8 states. Details:

First they ignore you (2012), then they laugh at you (Aleppo), then they fight you (CPD), then you win. #HonestJohnson #GoldRush

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