July 11, 1977, Mon — Day 3 on the Trail, Commanche Peak Trail Camp

Dramatic sunrise from Sawmill Camp. This was a new roll of film so these are the actual colors; it wasn’t overexposed from opening the camera back the day before.
“Got up at 4:30 am very slowly. We had Frosted Rice, milk, Apple Pop Tarts, and grape drink for breakfast. Said so long to Mac [our Ranger]. Walked seven miles up very steep hills to Commanche Peak Trail Camp. Edward almost died. It was windy and cold on top of the peak. We had Hickory Cheese and Jalapeno Pepper Cheese on crackers, apple tart, beef sticks, and lemonade. Went to sleep till 3:30 pm. Had beef stroganoff, coffee cake and fruit drink for dinner. Scott and I had to clean up. Went for water which was in a muddy spring 400 yards downhill. Made hot chocolate which didn’t taste too good. “
The Crew Leader, Mark Rohrbach with Mount Baldy in the distance. This was a pretty common sight with Mark out front reading the map and then waiting for the rest of us.
Which way do we go?

2017 Commentary

I guess this was my first nap of the trek; and likely my first nap since being a toddler. Commanche Peak Trail Camp is at 11,070 ft. so the air is rare and conducive to napping. The freeze dried food didn’t really have enough calories to balance out the high altitude backpacking so I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who caught some shut eye.

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