July 12, 1977, Tue — Day 4 on the Trail, Mt. Phillips and Commanche Camp

“Got up at 4:00 am to make a fire. Had scrambled eggs, cereal, lemon pie and pineapple chunks. Rohrbach dumped the eggs but we scraped them off the top. Hiked up Mt. Phillips and took in the view.”
View from Mt Phillips — 1
View from Mt Phillips — 2
View from Mt Phillips — 3
View from Mt Phillips — 4
View from Mt Phillips — 5
On top of Mt. Phillips, 11,742 feet. It’s the second highest peak in Philmont.
The camera slipped on the rocks so the crew got their heads cropped off except for Rick and me. I’ve not been a fan of posed shots since then.
Day 4 on the trail; not looking too dirty
Waite Phillips Mountain is named after the oil executive who donated approximately 200 square miles of his favorite ranch to the Boy Scouts of America, which became Philmont.
Scott Daniels, Ed Snyder, and Mark Rohrbach on Mt Phillips. Mt Baldy is the treeless peak in the distance and the highest mountain in Philmont at 12,445 ft.
Heading down Mt Phillips
“Went down 10 miles to Commanche Camp and arrived about 10:30 am. I got sore heels. On the way down we (Larry, Lesko, and me) sung to Ed. We had tuna salad on crackers, lemonade, Rich Moor concrete cookies. At noon we hiked up to Clear Creek. We shot .58 caliber black powder bullets into our hats. Went back to the cabin and learned how to set traps. Walked the 3 miles back to the campsite. Had spaghetti, corn, and applesauce for dinner. I washed my socks and shirts. We had a TLC meeting.”
The “Mountain Man” telling his tales
Shooting black powder
Commanche Camp

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