July 16, 1977, Sat — Day 8 on the Trail, Beaubien Layover

Beaubien is named after Charles H. Beaubien who lived from 1800–1864.
“Got up at 6:30 am. It was the coldest morning yet. We had pancakes, hot chocolate, bacon, and pineapple juice. Went to Western Lore at 8:00 am. We learned to lasso and branded our hats. For lunch we had rice, carrots, peas, chicken, apple dessert, and chocolate malt. After lunch we went and rode horses. Mine was named Reckless. I really enjoyed the ride. I took a lukewarm shower. For dinner we had spaghetti, peas, chocolate cream pie, beef bouillon, and lemon lime bug juice. Went to bed at 9:00 pm.”
Learning how to lasso at Western Lore.
Branding our hats
The horses at Beaubien. I think my horse Reckless is the black one facing to the left.

2017 Commentary

No backpacking this day since we had a layover in Beaubien. I’ve only been on three horses in my life and each has scared me. The other horses at Beaubien had names like Buddy, Jake, and Star. My horse Reckless often went out of his way to try and scrape me off his back by veering under low hanging Ponderosa Pine limbs. But much like a roller coaster ride it looks like I enjoyed excitement.

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