The Air Force is just unbelievable.
Adam Foerster

Upper echelon AF officers continue to defy the will if not the spirit of the US Congress yet they persist in getting away with what I can only consider intentional contempt. It’s my opinion that intentionally continuance of contempt of the will of Congress should be grounds for dismissal. The failure of the Senate Armed Service Committee (sic) to see through with their obligations I find as contemptible as the behavior of those generals that persist in their defiance.

I agree with Mr. Foster that perhaps the time has come to reconfigure the USAF and reinstate/establish the Army Air Corps as part of the Department of the Army and give the US Army the responsibility of providing the close air support to the Army and the Marines (especially since their mother organization, the USN will only be able to provide for CAS with the F-35C). If the USAF is minimally reticent in providing CAS in spite of what they claim in carrying out their CAS mission, remove that portion of their mission from their responsibility. Give them their strategic force and their tactical/air superiority, if they can with their beloved F-35A, mission and fast movers that they so love as their sole responsibility.

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