How Not to Resign from Our Revolution

Bernie sold his own revolution out so he could remain a Democrat. The chance was there to REALLY create revolution by abandoning the Democratic Party that screwed him over throughout the course of the whole primary election cycle and to run as a Green. He would have won with Jill Stein as his Vice President. He claims he supported Clinton to avoid a Trump presidency, but that’s a poor excuse to throw your devoted supporters under the bus one week before the convention. Revolutionaries don’t act out of guarded fear, or in the hopes of hanging on to the power they may have garnered over past years. They go for it. We who supported him went for it. I love Bernie for shifting the dialogue and for all of his hard work, but I, like many, many others, feel betrayed and sold out. This “Our Revolution” tastes like tepid water that’s been stagnating for too long.