Funding the Future of Comedy

Over 700 comedians stream on Laughly

I’m an avid movie lover and always have been. In fact, I’m such a regular movie-goer that years ago, I was offered a small amount of shares by my favorite movie theater chain as a thank you in celebration of their initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

Years later, I’m still a proud AMC shareholder. Granted, we’re only talking tens of dollars here — but I felt empowered knowing I got a piece of the ‘movie pie’ no matter the size.

A similar ethos guides our work at Laughly. As the first and only streaming mobile app built exclusively for stand-up comedy, everything we do is aimed at growing and sustaining the industry while giving anyone, anywhere access to great comedy.

With that in mind, today at the annual LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco we’re taking an important step in our continued evolution by embarking on a new crowdfunding investment offering in partnership with that will allow nearly anyone — anyone — to invest in our platform.

By taking a crowdfunding approach, we’re enabling comedy lovers everywhere — from comedy meccas like Chicago to small towns miles from nowhere — to directly influence how comedy is accessed, consumed and experienced for years to come.

Why is now is the ideal time for Laughly to seek additional financial investment? Because in short, comedy is having a moment. Stand-up comedians command extraordinary online influence and many comedians have become recognized household names, just like the biggest movie stars and musicians. Comedy tours are rivaling top music acts in terms of sales and revenue, and Americans are packing comedy clubs from coast to coast.

It’s clear comedy is a cornerstone of today’s popular culture and that’s not changing anytime soon.

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