It goes without saying, but if you’re an entrepreneur you take risks. Lots of them. You thrive on them. Often they pay off, sometimes they do not. Appearing on Apple Music’s new original series “Planet of the Apps” was one that didn’t quite pay off — at least not in the way I’d hoped.

My newest venture, Laughly, was invited to take part in the first season of the show. We saw a real opportunity for the show to become the next “Shark Tank” and an entertaining way to get a new generation of entrepreneurs and developers interested in the…

Laughly is an app dedicated to streaming stand-up comedy. With the largest collection of comedy and representing over 700 comedians around the world, Laughly aims to be the leading platform for talented comedians to show their content, build a following, and gain exposure.

“Think of us as the Spotify for Stand-up,” said Dave Scott, founder and CEO of Laughly. “The app was built by a group of comedy lovers who wanted to create a one-stop shop for listening to great comedy — old and new.”

The original goal for the Laughly team was to build a platform to distribute comedy to a wider audience. Once Laughly was built, the team has quickly run into a new set of challenges: sustainable mobile growth.

Despite winning at the Techcrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield competition, SxSW Accelerator and a dozen of other awards, Scott and team searched…

Over 700 comedians stream on Laughly

I’m an avid movie lover and always have been. In fact, I’m such a regular movie-goer that years ago, I was offered a small amount of shares by my favorite movie theater chain as a thank you in celebration of their initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

Years later, I’m still a proud AMC shareholder. Granted, we’re only talking tens of dollars here — but I felt empowered knowing I got a piece of the ‘movie pie’ no matter the size.

A similar ethos guides our work at Laughly. As the first and only streaming mobile app…

Illustrated by Christina Chang

Stand-up comedy is enjoying its greatest moment in American history. The facts speak for themselves:

  • According to Facebook, more than 91 million of its U.S. users (roughly 1 in 3 Americans) show an active interest in stand-up comedy.
  • Stand-up comedians wield tremendous online influence: The world’s top 50 comics alone are followed by more than 700 million fans on social media.
  • Comedy tours today are rivaling top musical acts in terms of sales and revenue. Last year, comedian Kevin Hart smashed industry records, earning an estimated $87 million in the wake of his wildly successful U.S. stadium tour. …

Dave Scott

Founder and CEO of

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