Definition of an MVP

The minimum viable product is de-rigueur in enterprise and startup world, my least favourite twist is the ‘minimal lovable product’ to justify feature bloat and design pron, urgh. But what is an MVP?

Depends on where you stand.

From lean startup, it means the minimum amount of work to validate or invalidate a hypothesis. This is often intertwined with validating a value proposition but it need not. It may merely be validating a customer problem exists or if a solution to that problem is of interest to customers.

The golden rule of MVPs: If it doesn’t hurt, its not minimal enough.

Think about that, then take a sharp razor to your scope, to the point you say we can do any less without compromising the validation, then its minimal. An MVP is about gathering data to generate insight.

In Enterprise its become a new name for the first release. Which is utterly pointless and nowhere near minimal enough. An MVP could be best described as Minimal Viable Test, rather than product, stick to that and your cycle time to insight will accelerate from where you are today.

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