Now explain how my piece in any way “refocuses Marxism on culture.”
Matthew Barad

One example in my humble opinion is when you stated “soul sucking capitalist horror” and “make the rich richer and the poor poorer, in an era already marked by unprecedented inequity.” This passage to me evokes that we do not redistribute enough already. The times you mention climate change a very much re-distributive solution promoted by the Left. The use of many Marxists favorite buzzwords like forward, progress, change and revolution. I guess upon further reflection your more of an old school Marxist then a modern Cultural Marxist, did I still misunderstand your well written article? We can always agree to disagree on the solution to societies ills as I prefer the Libertarian leaning ways instead of excessive legislation and State interference except where absolutely required, anyways I do wish you the best of luck on your life journey.

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