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This year, the International Labour Organisation celebrates the centenary of its foundation. It offers an opportunity to reflect on the values that brought about its foundation and hold it together to this very day. …

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When it comes to global efforts to help finance free, universally accessible quality education for all in poorer nations, the news is not encouraging.

In a series of global accords in this century, hundreds of countries vowed to support sustainable development where the needs were greatest including hunger, health, poverty…

Beneath the variety of headlines of extreme right-wing political activity worldwide, a consistent thread is emerging. The attacks are growing and the target is teachers. Brutal and often violent assaults resulting in deaths, torture, kidnappings and other violence have accompanied imprisonment for educators and leaders of their unions.

Just weeks…

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I don’t normally take special note of Nobel Prize recipients, but a hat tip to this year’s Economics winner, Paul Romer. He now joins Joseph Stiglitz and makes us wonder if there is a correlation with being fired from the bank and winning a Nobel in Economics?

You might recall…

Here’s a tip for journalists looking for great stories that resonate with audiences from the local to the global level — go to school — there’s no better source of stories on our modern political and social life than teachers, education support professional and their unions across the world.

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David Edwards

Education and human rights activist, progressive teacher and unionist — General Secretary of Education International.

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