Social distancing has forced us into using virtual modes of communication, like video conference calls, online classrooms and video workshops. Many of us default into using the built-in cameras on our laptops, which — let’s be honest here — are of terrible quality.

I have been running my business online since I started it, so video calls have been the only way I could talk to my clients and students from all over the world.

One of the most common things people tell me when we hop on a video call is: “WOW, cool camera setup!”, …

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I hear people throwing this term around, without knowing what's actually happening.

Especially Instagram marketers, when they can't tell their clients why they're not reaching their followers, or why they're not growing.

Saying "you're just shadowbanned" is a good place to hide. Saying "Instagram magically decreased your reach so now you're shadowbanned" is much easier, than to say "I don't know what's happening to your account, and I don't know how to fix it."

Shadowban is a term made up by confused content creators and marketers, whose reach has dropped significantly – sometimes their posts got hidden as well –…

I just hopped off a call with a gentleman named Anthony, one of the people who (I think) closes clients for a certain company.

Some of you already know that I make my living currently from the Instagrizzle Masterclass (my Instagram online course), and enrolling people into my Mentoring Program.

The amount of money I’m making from helping my students create better content, and grow their audience is more than enough for me to travel around the world, and feel satisfied & happy doing so.

My goal was to hit my first $10K month on my birthday, February 2020. …

I get this question asked all the time. How will making more content lead to more or better clients?

There is a huge misconception that making content will attract only the people who want to learn how to do your work. There is truth in that for sure, but there’s also an important part missing from the picture.

First, let’s see what you need to get paid for your work.

Here’s how it usually goes:

First contact ➔ Have a meeting or a call ➔ Request for proposal ➔ Write proposal ➔ Present proposal ➔ Close the sale ➔ Get…

This is what I feel like at the start of writing this article. A person, dragging all that weight for apparently no reason whatsoever.

I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I love learning. But, unfortunately, in today’s education system (at least in Hungary), we don’t learn that much.

I’m really on the edge of quitting this whole fucking thing and moving on with my life. School is just dragging me down. Let me explain, why.

Almost a year ago, I decided to start my venture of allocating most of my free time to space exploration. I started posting content on Instagram, and some people tuned in.

Turned out that what I wanted to say about going to Mars, and the hardships of getting…

Hey, it’s David. In this blog, I’d like to teach you what I’ve learned so far on my Instagram journey, while creating a total of ~2,000 posts, and growing accounts (mine, and others’) to a total of ~200,000 followers. Whenever I learn something new, publish an article, or Instagram updates the app with new features, I’ll try my best to update this article.

How I got hooked

My journey started in 2013, when I got my first iPhone, a used iPhone 4. Of course, Instagram was among the recommended apps on the App Store, so I downloaded it. …

The Space Launch System — Credits: NASA

Do you know how Voyager-2 could visit all four gas giants of our Solar System, and then escape the gravitational pull of the Sun forever? Before its launch on August 20, 1977, NASA scientists analyzed all planets, and could take advantage of a 175-year planetary alignment. Using gravitational assist manoeuvres, Voyager-2 has exceeded the Solar System’s escape velocity, and is now travelling at 15.341 km/s (55,230 km/h) relative to the Sun. With that speed, one could travel from New York to Los Angeles in just 4 minutes 22 seconds. …

What is microgravity?

The surface of earth has a 1G acceleration environment and all life on Earth has developed and evolved in this gravity field. We as humans were born in it, we live in it and most of us will die in it. However there are a few of us who have the chance to experience the microgravity environment.

Microgravity can be defined in different ways. “Micro” derives from the original Greek word “mikros”, meaning “small”, so we can consider any gravity field that has lower gravity than Earth to be microgravity. But micro can be also considered as 10 to the…

David Talas

Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Marstronauts

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