sex at 15

my-mums best friend caught me wanking in her bathroom i had a pair of her silk knickers wrapped round my hairless cock. i used to do some gardening for her at the weekend and stay over … she was a staff nurse at a local hospital.and used to do shift work ….. i was 14 when she came home and caught me. i was very embarased i begged her not to tell anyone and that id do any thing for her to forgive me…… she said i was a dirty little sod, and she would punish me herself. she was a classy woman who never married … and lived alone in her bungerlow….. i had my own room there, and often took underwear out of the wash basket. and smelled them….. she was in her 30s and very good looking this was in the early 70s she always wore stocking and loved pencil skirts…… god i loved her. she had long black hair and wore it up in a bun and only let it down at bed time. well my punishment was to get a cold bath, after i had washed her knickers out. then i was to go to her with a towel around me. she said she was going to warm my bum for me. i was week at the knees as i walked into the living room, the light was out but i could see her by the light of the open fire. sat in a leather chair…. she beconed me over. and i was to bend across her knee. as i did so she lifted the towel up so she could spank my young bum. she slapped my arse several times and it hurt, but i couldnt help getting a little stiffy on…….as i got up the towel fell away. i covered my hard cock with my hands ….. she said move your hands let me see what your hiding….. i was blushing like mad and squrming …. she laughed and called me mucky bugger, she said how long id been playing with myself over her….. i told her long befor i could cum. she asked what i thought about wilst mastabating…….. i said her legs she had these amazing legs slender and long her calves used to stick out firm because of her hight heels. and her waist was thin but she still wore a playtex gurdle …….. her fave coulors were black and red …….. she was allways dressed to the nines and would nt even put the washing out without her make up……she said go on then sit on the coffee tab le and let me see you do it….. i was red as a beetroot and said i was shy. she said do as your told …. or i will tell. my stiffy was throbing and i had balls ache. as i sat infront of her. she lent back in the big chair…. and slowley pulled her dress up revealing her stocking tops ….. what a sexy sight by the glow of the open fire…. i started wanking fast…. she said slow down…. she asked me if id ever seen breasts ….before i said only in the parade mucky book…. as i slowly wanked she unzipped the side of her dress and slipped it over her shoulders and down to her waist she had a lacey underskirt a pink one i could see her black bra through it. i started to wank fast again . she stopped me and said leave your self alone now as she dropped the thin straps of her underskirt, and pulled down her bra straps i could nt help rubbing my self. right she said and stood up and took a tan stocking from the clothes horse she told me to put my arms behind me and she tied my wrists and said that will stop you…. you dirty boy….. he then stood infront of me and undid her bra…….. she slowley took it of …. revealing her small but firm tits … she put the bra aroune my kneck … i could small her perfume 1711 it was called. she dropped her dress and underskirt and stepped out of them …. with just her stockings girdle and knickers on she sat back in the big chair … and rubbed her siletto heels on my balls….. god ive never ever met a woman more sexy and inventive as her…. my cock was hard … she told me to lay down face down on the floor… she stood behind me i could here the sound of her stocking as she took her knickers down….. got i was dieing to spurt. even more so as she slowly put them on me….. they felt so erotic …. she then began standing lightly with one heel on my bum and pushing down and my cock was rubbing inside her knickers…….. after a minute or so she stopped whent into the bedroom …… and come back out in a long black nightie and black kid skin evening gloves…. she stood in the door way… and let her hair down and flowed over her sholders she she swished her hair and told me to roll over on my back…. i was shaking inside with excitment … she knelt down and took my cock out of the knicker leg…. the feel of her gloved hand i can still feel today…… it was like living a wet dream…. she took the other stocking from the closehorse and took some sissors out of the sewing box by the big chair and cut them in to three strips down to the toe. she helped me to my feet then pulled the knickers down……. she put my willy into the toe part…. then put one strip of stocking under my balls…. he other 2 strips she fastend tightly around my waist like a belt then she tucked my balls in to the stocking strip… and tugged it firmley and tied it to the stocking around my waist….. it felt so good…… the she took three elastic bands out of the sewing basket …. and doubled one up and placed it around the base of my cock and held my erection and pushed it down wilst pulling my cock towards her,. she then took the other 2 bands looped them together and looped them through the stocking around my waist… pulled it under my balls and over my penis and let it go with a twang…… it was sight and the pain was lovley … god i worshiped her……. i stood there quivering with excitemend as she sat on the coffee table and poured herself a glass of sherry.,.. she laid back and tooked her nightie between her legs and drank slowley….. she took the arms out of the nightie and dropped it too her waist i could see her tits they were like a teenage girls … she rubbed the sherry glass slowly over each nipple till they were standing proud on her tits …. she laid back and slowly drippled the sherry over each tit … i was to lay face up on the floor…. as she bent over me…and i was told to like all the sticky sherry off her … the feel of her hard nipples on my lips … was sexy as fuck and wanted her badley…. she took her heels off….. and put one over my cock…. and the other heel up under my balls and pressed slowly but in rythem…….i was so turned on with plesure and pain….. i was the luckiest 14 and half year old lad in the world… i adored her ….i said penny please let me cum.,…. she smiled and said not yet my dirty horny lad…….. she knelt legs each side of my head and stroked herself then she opend her fanny lips and slid 2 gloved fingers deep in to her wet hole.. and …poked her self …. then she puled them out and stuck them in to my mouth.,,…. her tased was like nothing id ever ever known…. and her warm smell was driving me crazy…. she rubbed hard on her clit …. and started breathing heaverly…… after a while she stopped looked down at me and smiled….. she turned around and sat with her firm bum an my face .. and rubbed her wet cunt on my face…. she dragged her long finger nail;s over my hairless skinny body….scratching my young skin i was being driven crazy by lust and deep love….. she leand forwards and and her tits were on my belly……she gripped my cock firmley and cupped my balls she wanked me to the verge of coming… as my face was in her hot wet cunt…. then she stopped and wisperd……. now you can cum…… and tossed my cock hard…. i could feel my sap riseing ……. then it happend… a intense warm wave come over my b ody……. my legs and feet stiffend….. i was fucking her hand hard and fast as she gripped my cock……/and i exploded into her stocking….. and it got better every time……. this is a true story