Untrue, I liked it.
Madison Werner

Thank you for the lovely comments Madison. I’m enjoying these little fiction pieces I write and I’m glad you are getting something out of them. I particularly like the idea of finishing these, dropping the mic and walking away. It’s something I will do in my head from now on.

If I want anything from putting these on Medium it’s just for people to read them and maybe spend sometime thinking about it. If they agree or come to the conclusions which led me to write it then fine. If they disagree and find something in there I never saw then I would have been paid the ultimate compliment. I don’t think we get interesting things by nailing everything down, holding each other’s hand and colouring in the lines. We get interesting things through openness, vague notions and wide interpretations.

I’m glad you stumbled on my words and grateful for the comments. Live well friend. And drop your own mic.

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