Shambhalove: Why Shambhala Music Festival sold out in less than 24 hours

Author and Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Editor. Ben Empenidas

Pagoda lighting over city-centre Shambhala. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto

Shambhala Music Festival did something it’s never done in it’s 19 year history. The festival sold out less than 24 hours for it’s 2017 event — 10 months ahead of any previous pace. Why? It’s not a mystery question to the thousands of people who’ve already secured their tickets for what’s sure to be Shambhala’s raucous 20th edition in 2017.

Shambhala is much more than a gathering of electronic music fans, or an annual festival showcasing genre spanning Canadian tastes. Salmo, British Columbia hosts the festival, at the Salmo River Ranch. The ranch has become a place to tap into an ethos emphasizing individuality without judgement and reconnect with friends and family. Shambhala is truly unique — a family run festival with no corporate sponsorship and no alcohol sold on site. Regardless of boozing, Shambhala is an escape to wild evergreen forests in the Kootenay Mountains where one can rejuvenate the mind and soul. It’s best to go with an open mind and heart; you’ll be bound to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Attendees arrive to secure and set up their campsite. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Starlight Campground at Shambhala. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Skii Tour crowd at the Amphitheatre Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto

So Shambhala is sold out you say? Not to worry however; many tickets come up for sale closer to event date. Keep a tab on the Shambhala Ticket Exchange group on Facebook where many can be obtained at the enforced original (or lower than) face value price. Fun fact: Festival tickets are sent out to attendees with glitter inside! The highly anticipated 20th year anniversary is sure to bring something special to those who attend.

Night scene at Salmo River overlooking the Living Room Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Kush Arora at the Living Room Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto

Shambhala’s wide range of talent of world-touring DJ’s to local producers perform on six uniquely themed stages: The Grove, Living Room, Amphitheatre, Fractal Forest, Village and Pagoda. A seventh stage called the Cedar Lounge functions as the home to workshops and lectures throughout the extended weekend.

Stages stay standing year-round, and each stage is upgraded and maintained by autonomous stage crews. PK Sound and Funktion 1 audio systems, combined with spectacular stage builds and visual effects, create an amazing experience regardless of where you see your favorite artist perform. Art displays can also be found throughout the property — explore and find some hidden gems!

Excision performing at the Village Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Rezz performing at the Pagoda Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Justin Martin performing at the Pagoda Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto

Salmo Ranch hosts up to 15,000 attendees each year for Shambhala Music Festival including staff and volunteers. With so many people to cater to, the ranch is set up as a small village with services including a wide variety of food trucks, showers, and a general store. Taking a stroll through downtown Shambhala to check out what the stores have to offer can result in some interesting finds. In addition to the retail shops, there are also services provided for first aid, harm reduction (ANKORS) as well as the ‘Sanctuary’ set up as a safe place to go for anyone who may need it.

Downtown Shambhala. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Morning session with Yoga of Bass w/ Freq Nasty & Claire at the Living Room Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Attendees at Shambhala. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Keys’n’Krates at the Village Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Boys Noize at the Pagoda Stage. Photgrapher. @DaveVanPhoto

While wandering around don’t be surprised to receive plenty of high fives and hugs. Shambhala attendees become a tight knit community with each person looking out for everyone else. Attendees have coined the term ‘Shambhalove’ which has become part of the culture that is Shambhala Music Festival.

Shambhala Attendees. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Shambhala attendees. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Attendee in costume. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto
Shambhala Attendee. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto

Whether you are a first time attendee or a returning guest — Shambhala is a place where you can be yourself, enjoy and discover some amazing music as well as make some new friends. The moment you turn off the highway and down the bumpy dirt road, you’ll know you’re some place special. Good luck on your Road to Shambhala, and see you at the farm!

Clozee performing at the Grove Stage. Photographer. @DaveVanPhoto

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