Failure at the Finish Line

So maybe it was forshadowing when I wrote “When you’re tired you make mistakes, it’s called ego fatigue. The monkey in your brain running the ship takes a nap. That’s why people fall off the wagon at night. The monkey is like “whatever, do what you want.” That’s why you eat half a pizza after midnight.” Because y’all I have to admit the monkey in my brain took a nap, right before the finish line. I failed epically with 2 hours to go.

I made my first appearance on Doug Loves Movies last night, which for me was a huge deal, I’ve been a big fan of the show for years. His fans for some reason bring donuts to the show, so there ended up being a bag of mini chocolate donuts on stage. I started woofing them down, because I hadn’t ate since 2pm and I was little nervous. The monkey in my brain was in joke mode and wasn’t guarding the gates. I didn’t realize what had happened until, Doug asked for my plug and I mention the website and the challenge for this week was No Bread, then the light clicked on i said the dumbest thing “Are donuts like bread?” Ugh he got a great laugh, but I blew it y’all.

If it had ended there, that would have been funny, but there was more. I stopped by the Hollywood Improv to catch the tail end of a show, and the final performer was a Drag Queen, who lip synced clips from the Oprah show, great twist. I wish I could say i was paying attention but I was trying to document my failure on my phone. I hear the voice of Oprah talking about bread, ha, what are the odds? Still looking at my phone and if i had been more alert I would have realized the Drag Queen had a bag full of rolls and was throwing them into the audience. I was alerted to this when I got hit in the head with a roll. I broke the rules and the universe hit me in the head with a piece of bread.