When I was 26 I was down to two friends. If they were busy then I
didn’t have anything to do. So, I would sit and smoke cigarettes in my
room at my parents house in Kentucky. I’ve never been much of a
hustler. Living in New York or Los Angeles seemed as likely as living
on the moon. One day I saw an article in the newspaper about taking a
stand up class. I went against my natural instincts and did something,
that changed the course of my life.

I’ve managed to become good at making friends and making people laugh,
but I’m stuck. I haven’t figured out how to be an adult. I haven’t
been in shape since high school, I can’t cook, I can’t dance, I don’t
take very good care of myself. And, my natural instinct is still to do
nothing cause when you do nothing, nothing scary happens. I don’t take
very many risks, which would be great if I was an accountant, but I’m
not. I’m a comic.

I don’t know what to do, except that I know I want to do something.

If I have job to do, I do it. I had perfect attendance in school, work
and comedy. I’ve only missed two shows in 12 years. Comedy is weird
because there isn’t really a boss, and I need a boss. Investing in
this project makes you my boss.

Tell me what to do!

Here’s another wrinkle I’m gonna move to a new city for this project and I’ll you choose between the following: Asheville, Knoxville, Hunstville, and Chattanooga.

I will update my progress through out the year on this site.

Here’s a list of things you can pledge towards

$35 I will volunteer for one hour (make a difference ) I do this as many as $35 donations come in
$250 paint you a painting I don’t paint
$600 I ll get a tattoo
$30 I ll take the city bus route of your choosing and you pick the number of stops
I will document the process
$60 dealers choice. You pick the poison . Nothing illegal, but something I can do in a day
$10 I ll call you on the phone
$50 I ll go to church 
$80 dress like a cowboy and go to a country music concert 
Run a 5k $15 *
$19.95 kick a 50 yard field goal for first time since 1995*
$212 I ll call every person in my phone and I assure I don’t want to this one over the course of year *
$19.77 Learn to Dance*
$23 learn to cook*
$20 lose pounds *
$53 ask a girl out at a coffee shop
$30 go speed dating 
$40 monthly gym membership 
$520 call my parents every week
$45 get a sweet tan
$5 I’ll retweet one of your tweets
$3 post how cool you’re on Facebook 
$175 I’ll tell you a secret 
$17 feed ducks 
$18 I lost my virginity at 18 so 18 days without sex of any kind 
$16 go to a random meet up group 
$19.96 shave everyday for month I haven’t done this since high school #seniors #ludlowpanthers 
$14 say your name in a joke
$ 38 I’ll dress in a dumb outfit you pick out and do a headline set in it
$309 smash a guitar on stage
$47 learn every dance in the song of land of thousand dances
$30 take a yoga class
$9 hike to the the top of a mountain 
$ 22 cook dinner for a new friend 
$10 wake up everyday at 10 am or before

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