Post Operation Blues

So it has been a week and a half since I had the operation, still sat here with my knee bandaged up unable to move freely. It is such a horrible feeling not being able to straighten your leg or even be able to walk properly for that matter. I guess the good thing is that in a few weeks or so I should be back to normality and up moving around and hopefully back at he gym.

The hardest part of he early stages of rehab is coming to terms with the fact that I can’t just go to the gym or workout or anything like that because the risk of damaging the graft in the early stages is just so high, and obviously if I damage the graft I will then need to have the operation again and go through it all AGAIN.

On a brighter note it has given me plenty of time to begin my personal training qualification, it feels good to study and learn again since I haven’t done much after graduating from university apart from the odd few articles for the website.

Speaking of the website, i mentioned in my lastblog that it would be a great opportunity to get plenty of work done. Well that’s exactly what we have done, certain aspects have gone from strength to strength and improved dramatically. As a team we are very happy with the progressions that we have made and are constantly making, the main issue we are facing now is just trying to get people to sign up to our services.

People are always going to need personal trainers and training partners, so the way I’m looking at it is that it isn’t a case of if we can get people to sign up to us but more a case of when we will get them to sign up. The key to successes positive thinking and that’s what is going to help us be able to help other people in there quest to become fitter and healthier.

Anyway I’m glad to be back writing my blog again, hopefully the next time I write one it will be a more positive one :)

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