Oh, helllloooo.

April 14th to Friday May 12th, 2017.

Took a few weeks off from this, not because of anything, but just because. Or, at least, I don’t know myself well enough to know exactly why I didn’t feel like writing, and I’m ok with that. At some point, I’ll probably figure it out (was it how weird things are with my parents? or how unsettled I feel at work? or an effort I’m making to unplug more?) or maybe I’ll just figure out what sounds right, and by that point there won’t be a right answer since the past doesn’t actually exist.

I mean, it really doesn’t, right? If you think about it? Except, in the ‘what matters’ sense.

Anyway, news-wise, it’s been a pretty slow I can’t even get to the end of this hack ass joke. My god.

I had a panic attack in my sleep last night about Jim Comey. Woke up unable to breathe because the former head of the FBI. Kinda weird position to be in, if you’re anyone, let alone me.

It’s an odd sensation. Not the panic attack itself, I’m relatively used to them, I’ve had them for years. But to be this liberal and… etc. Right wing media (hang on to that term, I’ll have some stuff to say about it) has been harping on the hypocrisy of the left’s meltdown over Comey’s firing. Blah blah, you hated him until Trump hated him. Blah blah weren’t you calling on him to be fired after the EMAILS? Blah blah now you’re best friends and you hug.

I’m not going to be defensive about that. A) I’ve always been suspicious of power, so, yes, I’m suspicious of the FBI’s power over the people, but hey, who has more power than Jim Comey? The nice thing about being human is the ability to think in 3 dimensions, and I, like everyone else, can maintain suspicion towards, say, a hammer’s ability to be used as a murder weapon, while still hoping it gets used to hang a pretty picture.

2) The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Trump, in firing Comey, and in the way he fired Comey, didn’t just attack Comey, which would be bad, he attacked an institution, one that is American in every sense: strange, often misused, sometimes evil, historically fascinating, and so forth. And also, right now, investigating the President.

C) Can’t speak for The Left as a whole. For me, I know that there was a lot of back and forth about Comey’s involvement in the election through his investigation of Clinton’s server, the weird way he closed that investigation, and the way he re-opened it, but, without getting too deep into it, it’s possible to believe that Comey’s actions cost Clinton the presidency, while also believing that those actions might have been set in motion by Clinton maintaining a private server (the best case: she was dumb), Bill Clinton’s private meeting with Loretta Lynch (putting Comey at the head of the investigation) and Anthony Weiner being an amazing scumbag (which everyone knew by this point, so why was his computer getting Clinton email back ups, unless you want someone who has All The Compromise to have access to some really sensitive communication he could pass along to anyone who wanted to exercise some leverage over him?). Picking between Clinton and Comey is a really hard call for me.

Not so much picking between Trump and Comey.

One of the biggest things for me: Trump did Comey in an idiotic way. The chaos in the immediate aftermath, Spicer screaming from the bushes, the interview Trump gave to Holt that immediately undercut everything his people said, Huckabee-Sanders lying all over herself, his inability to get even his AG and Deputy AG onto his page.

My impression is that this is playing differently over at Fox/Infowars. (Here’s that bit I mentioned above; you’re welcome!) It’s odd to me that we now have so accepted the idea of non-partisan media that we just understand that media will report on a slant. That’s… troubling.

Of course, the Fox partisans I know claim that there’s nothing slanted about Fox, that everyone else is off. It’s hard to see your own biases when you live in them. I’m probably as guilty of this as anyone.

All of that said, Trump’s a real piece of work, isn’t he? At core, I still basically believe that there was collusion between his campaign and the Russians, and that Trump knew about it, but I’m starting to think that more than anything else, Trump is just a dumb person. He really thought that removing the head of the FBI would end this particular problem for him, just like he really thought that if he told everyone not to pay attention to the Russia stuff, and the tax stuff, they would not pay attention to the Russia stuff, and the tax stuff. Just like he legitimately thought, and continues to think, that Obama tapped his phones and 3 million people voted illegally.

Pretty sure that being incompetent is impeachable under the right circumstances.