This is the fifth of these.

Friday, February 17th to Friday, February 24th. 2017.

A lot has changed. Different. A lot of stuff is different.

It’s really upsetting to have a president who uses Twitter the way Trump uses Twitter. I started to write a thing about it, then spiked it. It’s obvious why it’s bad. It’s obvious why it’s different.

Much of the week felt like a tepid effort at a reset. Trump sat on his hands. Tired, maybe, after screaming his way through his press conference last week. Maybe the rest of the staff — the ones you usually see front and center, the ones who were less so this week — maybe they were thinking dark thoughts. Maybe they were asking themselves some questions about that whole thing.

Probably not. They’re close to the man. They know what he is.

Maybe they were just tired too. They went straight from running for office to running the country. Everyone was taking a little breather before wading back in to threatening to build up our nuclear stockpile for no apparent tactical reason and undoing Obama’s protections for Transgendered kids because… why?

Maybe I’m projecting because I could use a nap and a couple days off myself.

Rolling back protections for Transgendered kids is so vicious. It’s cruel for cruelty’s sake. I don’t have a lot else I can really add to the discussion about it, except fuck the people who would do that.

Oh, and fuck Bill Maher, too.

It’s going to be 70 degrees today in Queens. A lot of stuff is different. But the weather sometimes goes a little weird for a couple weeks, and has, so far, always reverted back to seasons, back to a standard. Feels like we’re watching both the weather and the country right now to see if that trend holds.

I have the time to take a nap, but I keep hitting refresh.