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The world is socialist

When I was 17, I read Atlas Shrugged and it “changed my life." For about a year. In that book I heard that I was great and there were a few others like me, and most of the rest of the people were bullshitters. Grifters, looters, politicos, people who asked for us, the great ones, to work for them, because we could and they couldn't. And all the time they put down the…

I am able to write on the home page of Medium.

The editor is nice, but it was quite slow as the paragraph got a little longer. Maybe it was just the first paragraph because it feels pretty good now.

First question — why would I want to write a Facebook-size post here?

Unlike Facebook, I have styling and linking here.

Broadening the IndieWeb process

I had a bunch of interesting conversations yesterday with people who are part of the IndieWebCamp community, after posting a bit on my liveblog about how it…

Someone had to go first

Why blogging is difficult

Still giddin!

Sorry — I was trying out their import feature. Didn’t intend to publish a piece here. Click the link below to read the post on my blog. Again sorry. :-(

Originally published at scripting.com on October 15, 2014.

How to ask for help with software

1. When reporting a problem, say what you were doing, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.

2. Sometimes a screen shot helps.

3. Re-read the docs before posting. This can save time. And if you become known in a community for someone who checks first, people will be quicker to pitch in and help in the…

Dick Van Dyke?

Mary Poppins is about kids, magic, and most of all Julie Andrews! I don’t get why DVD is in there at all.

The meaning of the Mets

They were,and always will be, happy losers.

My favorite part of Mets culture was the sign guy in the box seats at Shea Stadium in the 60s…

As July 1 approaches

Will the tech industry learn how to cooperate on an open format, or will the major companies play a game of winner-take-all, in which none of…

Working without servers

A fair amount of what used to be “up there” is now in JavaScript, in the browser.