At least it’s good for CBS

Leslie Moonves, chairman of CBS famously said, in February, that the Trump candidacy “may not be good for America but it’s damn good for CBS.”

He continued, “Man, who would have expected the ride we’re all having right now? … The money’s rolling in and this is fun,” he said.

Let that sink in. Selling us out, that’s fun.

This is even more tragic than the feeding frenzy in the financial industry during the subprime mortgage bubble leading to the crash in 2008. And this is destroying more than the economy, it’s about everything.

The quote sailed over my head in the initial Trump frenzy. But now that the dust may be setting a little, and we’re trying to find normalcy in the Trump candidacy, even those of us who didn’t and never would vote for him, these words stand out as unusually obnoxious.

I think Moonves, if he doesn’t regret saying that yet, soon will.

We truly are depraved.

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