Can’t run out the clock

Nate says don’t count on the Electoral College saving us. Good point. The latest polls show the race narrowing.

And even worse, Trump now can read off a teleprompter without sacrificing quality. Which means writers can create for his medium. And worse it shows that he’s been taking lessons, and as an actor he’s good at performing with a teleprompter. And it’s even worse — he’s got great writers, they may be fascists, but they can spin a good story, as evidenced from the crowd screams last night.

I would also assume he’s also being schooled in debating. There will be a surprise when he takes the stage with Hillary in a month or so. Yeah he says he isn’t rehearsing. That’s spin. Setting expectations. Don’t believe it. He’s taking lessons and he’s figuring it out.

We need to be smart, now. No running out the clock this year.

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