I was wrong about Hillary

Sometime in the mid-90s, I was living in Silicon Valley at the time, I was driving around in Menlo Park listening to KQED, an episode of Fresh Air. Terry Gross was interviewing a woman, and because it was radio, I couldn’t see who. They went from topic to topic. She was so intelligent, so well-spoken. I couldn’t imagine who it was! Then the big reveal. It was..

Hillary Clinton. Which was a shock to me. Because for whatever reason, I thought she was corrupt, stupid, wrong, evil, you name it. I clearly despised this person.

I remembered this very well for two lessons. First the small one. Hillary Clinton is smart and thoughtful. And second, don’t depend so much on what you think about people based on impressions. You have to listen to them.

How did I get those thoughts about her? I have no idea. But they couldn’t have come from really listening.

And to really nail it, the same thing happened with a man being interviewed on Fresh Air. Again, how intelligent and thoughtful. I’m going to make you click on a link to find out who it was. Sorry. ;-0